App Features

Quotation Management

Fast Quotation generation from different underwriters. Downloadable files sent via SMS and email for Quotation, Risk note and Certificate.

Policy Management

Africabima enhances easy creation and management of insurance proposals

Renewal Management

Expired Policies can be renewed within the application by both the agent and client.

Digital Certificates Management

Digital certificates are generated once the policy is aproved and sent to clients via email and SMS.

Claim Management

Africabima provides an easy and fast claim reporting where clients can make claims online.

Report Management

Africabima provides an elaborate reporting system where differnt reports are generated

Client Details Management

Africabima provides an easy client account setup and client policy management

24/7 Support

Africabima creates a 24/7 customer support and clients can easily get feedback instantly anytime anywhere

Backend Administration Portal

Clients information and their data can be retrived from the backend system that is intergrated.

Why Choose Africabima App

Our APP platform is more flexible and adaptable than any other insurance APPs, allowing ease of application development as well as swift integration into partners’ insurance systems.


Fast integration and deployment of the API to any insurance system. Enables developers create insurance applications in a short period of time.


the API gateway is secure and only internal systems exposed to the API will access it.

Flexible and Scalable

The API support elastic scalability, i.e. automatically adjusts (without down-time) the available resources based on the load.

Full Support

We fully support, train and help you implement and integrate our API

Global use

Our API solutions are fully designed for the global insurance market

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